Enugu PDP Guber Primaries And The Social Media Vultures

By Chimamkpa Nwaorie

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Barr. Peter Mba receives certificate of return

What makes the vulture a shameless and bad bird is that it can feed on carcass, meat and decayed animals anywhere uninvited. It doesn’t need to wait for invitation. It knows no boundary or limit, when it has to do with carcass or rotten meat.
The above scenario aptly captured what some unrepentant busy bodies and wounded social media e-rats, loyal to one of the governorship aspirants from Isi Uzo LGA, who lost woefully in Enugu State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) transparent and smooth governorship primaries that produced Mr. Peter Mbah as the party’s candidate have been doing on social media platforms. They have been desperate, shameless, embattled, dejected and vulture-like in their comments and behaviours.
In obvious expression of their accumulated anger, disappointment and despondency over their preferred aspirant’s loss in the exercise, they have been covertly and overtly attacking PDP leaders in the state, especially Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and party stakeholders and members from Isi Uzo LGA, who were on solidarity and thank you visit to Governor Ugwuanyi in the Government House Enugu recently.

Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and Barr. Peter Mba

Operating in different guise and Psuedo names on social media to confuse the unsuspecting publics, they have called Governor Ugwuanyi unprintable names, peddled false allegations against him and described major Isi Uzo LGA PDP stakeholders, leaders and members, who paid a solidarity visit to Gov. Ugwuanyi in Government House, Enugu after the primaries as sellouts and traitors.
They have written two articles recently using their Psuedo names- Williams Onyemachi Okibe and Chuks Nwaobu.
Definitely and expectedly, they will do more of such in the days ahead, because that is their antics and trademarks. They derive pleasure in blackmailing people on social media and personalising issues instead of addressing them frontally and factually.
Nwobu, who claimed to be a lawyer from Anambra state, but have lived in Enugu for years in his article titled “The Jamboree of Solidarity Visit By Hungry Isi Uzo Stakeholders to Governor Ugwuanyi: Matters Arising” foolishly and emotionally maligned and insulted PDP stakeholders and people of Isi Uzo with impunity for paying a solidarity visit to Governor Ugwuanyi in Government, House, Enugu.
From Nwobu’s write up, it is very clear that he is not a lawyer as he claimed. If at all, he is one, he is not more than a charge-and-bail or fake lawyer. Nwobu, a pen name is no other person than an emotional blackmailer and die-hard supporter of a particular governorship aspirant from Isi Uzo LGA, whose supporters out of ignorance and malice have been fuming and lamenting on social media over his failure in PDP governorship primaries.

Unfortunately, Nwobu is yet to come to term with the outcome of the primaries that his paymaster and preferred aspirant failed woefully, after giving him false hope before the exercise.
If Nwobu is a lawyer, he would have known that party primaries is an internal affair of the party that is not decided on social media or village meeting. He would have known that party decision is always supreme. He would have known that there is no independent candidature for election in the country’s constitution.
He would have known that party loyalty is 100 percent and the success and interest of the party supercedes every other interest at all times. He would have known that the decision of the party on who becomes their candidates in an election goes beyond what non party member or non- delegate like him thinks or knows.
What is the offence or sin of Gov. Ugwuanyi and Isi Uzo LGA PDP stakeholders against Nwobu’s preferred governorship aspirant in the primaries to warrant his mindless, uncultured and urguarded allegations against the Governor on social media?
Why is Nwobu crying more than the bereaved? Is Nwobu not aware that his paymaster and preferred aspirant in the primaries has moved on by accepting the olive branch extended to him by Mr. Mbah in the overall interest of Enugu people and their party, PDP?
Is Nwobu not aware that his Isi Uzo favourite governorship aspirant has visited Mr. Mbah and pledged to work with him?
Is Nwobu working at cross purpose with his paymaster or just on his own displaying social media madness and ignorance about Enugu politics? Is he not smart enough as a lawyer to read the handwriting on the wall since after the party’s primaries?
Has Nwobu forgotten that in total demonstration of their unalloyed loyalty and unflinching support to their party and leaders, Enugu PDP members and stakeholders including Nwobu’s preferred aspirant pledged before the primaries to abide and support party’s choice of candidates in the primaries.
So why the hullabaloo now that Enugu PDP has elected Mr. Peter Mbah as its governorship candidate in a transparent primaries? Has Nwobu forgotten that in every contest or election, there must be losers and winners. Is Nwobu aware that the outcome of the PDP governorship primaries in Enugu is irreversible for now? Is he aware that Mr. Peter Mbah has received Certificate of Return from the PDP National leadership? So why the cry over the split milk? Is Nwobu’s preferred aspirant the first and most qualified among the aspirants that lost the PDP governorship primary in Enugu state?
Is Nwobu aware that apart from the seven aspirants that stepped down for Mbah before the commencement of the primaries, all the aspirants have publicly congratulated him on his victory with the exception of Nwobu’s preferred aspirant. Is this not enough for Nwobu to know the kind of person his preferred aspirant is?
There are many politicians in Enugu PDP that have lost governorship primaries before now, but have remained loyal and dedicated to the party.
Even among the aspirants that contested with Nwobu’s preferred aspirant, Nwobu’s favourite is not the most exposed, qualified and educated than them. Nwobu’s preferred
aspirant is one of the greatest beneficiaries of PDP government since 1999 till date. He has always enjoyed the perks and lucres of office of the PDP government since 1999 till date. What and who says that Nwobu’s preferred aspirant must emerge the PDP governorship candidate in the just concluded primaries?
On Nwobu’s insinuation that if Enugu is his home state, Anambra that Ugwuanyi and the PDP would have been taught political lesson. What political lesson will they teach a political strategist and warrior like Gov. Ugwuanyi that has seen it all in the game of politics over the years. It is on record that Governor Ugwuanyi has never lost any election since 2003 till date. He is taciturn and master in the game. He sees and plans ahead. That is why with Mbah’s emergence, APC and APGA also picked their governorship candidates from Nkanu West LGA.
The peaceful and seamless PDP primaries in the state ahead of 2023 election is enough pointer to Nwobu and his likes that Governor Ugwuanyi is incharge and indeed a political generalissimo.
On Nwobu’s claim that he took KA ISI-UZO JEE campaign beyond the social media platforms to electronic media to appeal to Governor Ugwuanyi and PDP members to consider his preferred governorship aspirant, this shows how shallow, emotional and ignorant, Nwobu is about the intrigues, undercurrents and schemings that usually characterise and trail party primaries.
With this action, it is obvious that Nwobu and his cohorts had before the primaries put the cart before the horse, played to the gallery and built castles in the air. No doubt, all these were contributory to the failure of his preferred aspirant.
Instead of taking responsibility and blame for misleading their preferred aspirant and his failure in the primaries, they are now apportioning blames and pointing accusing fingers at percieved and imaginary enemies.
I am sure that niether Isi Uzo LGA PDP stakeholders or members complained to Nwobu or anybody about the failure of their sons who participated in the PDP’s governorship primaries. Is this not enough evidence that the charity of Nwobu’s preferred aspirant does not begin at home politically? Is it not clear that Nwobu’s preferred aspirant is not on ground politically in his LGA and Senatorial zone?
Why is it that it is mostly people from Enugu North Senatorial zone that have been and are still drinking paracetamol for what would have been Isi Uzo LGA people’s headache for reasons best known to them.
Are people of Enugu North zone from Isi Uzo LGA or Enugu East Senatorial zone? What is their interest in aspirants from Isi Uzo LGA? Their actions and inactions call for worry, questioning and proper scrutiny. Obviously, it is not altruistic and progressive.
Why are they still dissipating energies gathering like vultures, when there are no carcasses to feast on.
Enugu PDP governorship primaries has come and gone. The outcome has been affirmed by all the relevant authorities and party leadership. There is little or nothing anyone opposed to Mbah’s emergence can do now without his consent.
Nwobu should leave politics and governance for politicians and concentrate on his legal practice if at all he is a lawyer. Enugu PDP members have gone where they were asked to go by electing Mr. Peter Mbah as their governorship candidate.
The likes of Nwobu, his sponsors and sympathisers of his preferred governorship aspirant from Isi Uzo LGA are free to vote against Mr. Mbah in the election.
After all, PDP is not the only party contesting or fielding candidate in Enugu governorship election come 2023. No amount of propaganda or name calling by Nwobu, his cohorts and paymasters will change the tide. Enugu is PDP and Mbah is the next Governor of the state by His Grace.

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