Sir Dr. Hippolytus Chikwado Onah (KSJI) And His Political Delusions

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Dr. Chikwado Onah is not a household name in Nsukka LGA politics, not to talk about Enugu North Senatorial zone and Enugu state in general. It seems he has been on political hibernation or extinction only to resurface with the hope that Bar. Chijioke Edeoga will be railroaded into Lion Building Enugu as Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s successor in 2023 just like that. When that didn’t happen as he expected, Onah took to social media to display his irredentistic and hubristic mindset, that had limited his political exploits, progress and breakthroughs over the years.

It was him that on the day of Enugu State PDP governorship primaries peddled an article on social media leveling unfounded allegations against Governor Ugwuanyi, aimed at pitching him against his Nsukka people over the outcome of governorship primaries and ridiculing him before the public. Unfortunately, these antics and outdated blackmail strategy of Onah didn’t deter the PDP delegates from massively and overwhelmingly electing Mr. Peter Mbah in the primaries as the party’s governorship candidate to the shock and disappointment of Onah and his sponsors. Since after the primaries, nothing has been heard from or about Onah again as he went under. In his delusions and fantasies, search for relevance and having recovered from the shock of the defeat of his favourite governorship aspirant in the primaries, Onah has returned with his baseless, fictious and watery analysis of the politics of Enugu North Senatorial zone on WhatsApp platform ahead of the 2023 general elections.

In his figment of imagination, Onah openly called for mobilisation of votes against Gov. Ugwuanyi’s PDP senatorial candidacy in Enugu Enugu North Senatorial zone as a payback to him over Edeoga’s loss of governorship ticket. He insisted that having happened in 2003 with Senator Fide Okoro winning Senatorial seat of Enugu North Senatorial zone under Alliance for Democracy platform, such can still happen in 2023 against Ugwuanyi and PDP. Who is Dr. Onah? Who sent him? Who is he speaking for? Whose interest is he pursing or protecting? When did he become Lamidi Adedibu of Nsukka politics?

From Onah’s armchair and skewed analysis on social media about Enugu North Senatorial zone politics, it is clear Onah is wallowing in political ignorance, living in fool’s paradise and is not in touch with the political reality in Nsukka. It is obvious that Onah sentiment, emotions, pettiness and parochialism had beclouded his sense of political reasoning and strategy, if at all, he has any before now. Onah has no grasp of the dynamics of politics and other factors that shape elections and politics. He has no control of and much input in Nsukka politics. Onah should have known that not even thousands of him and his sponsors can stop Ugwuanyi’s senatorial ambition in 2023. It is beyond them, their phantom projections, sadism, capacities or reach. Gburugburu is a political school, movement and phenomenon, not only in Nsukka and Enugu, but in Nigeria. He has paid his dues politically and deserves the support and respect of all, especially the people of Enugu North Senatorial zone, he has touched their lives positively since assuming office as Governor.

On Onah’s flaunting of his student union activism and past political exploits, what Onah failed to understand is that partisan politics is different from activism. History has shown that activist doesn’t make good politician. Onah should have asked himself, why he had remained static politically despite his acclaimed political and activism exploits before now. It is either that something is fundamentally wrong with the character called Hippolytus Chikwado Onah or Onah is not at peace with himself, God and others, despite being a Knight. If not why is Onah still nursing the wound of the PDP governorship primary when his preferred aspirant, Edeoga and supporters have joined Mr. Peter Mbah’s moving train. Onah needs serious and urgent self-appraisal as a way forward for self redemption. From Godwin Agbasi writes from Nsukka

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