Enugu 2023 And The Choice Of Peter Mbah

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Barr. Peter Mba and Barr. Ifeanyi Ossai

By Dr. Sylvester Ajagu

Ahead of the 2023 governorship election, the coast is becoming clear day by day that the choice of Mr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as its governorship candidate in Enugu is the best of decision and in good faith. From the look of things and by His Grace, Mbah is the rock upon which Ndi Enugu will solidly stand on in 2023.
His choice and emergence was somewhat divine and foreseen. That was why from the onset, everything fell in line for him ahead of the primaries, despite repeated and concerted efforts by some mischief makers to impugn and demean his impeccable character, hard earned reputation and greater exploits in various sectors over the years.
While Mbah enjoyed the overwhelming support of the PDP members and major PDP leaders in Enugu State, especially Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, who anointed him as his preferred successor, having known and related with him for years, many of his co-aspirants who saw the handwriting on the wall withdrew from the race and congratulated him ahead of the primaries, eight others stepped down and declared support for him at the venue of the primaries amidst celebrations, cheers and exchange of banters. Few who held on in the race have since seen reasons to support Mbah and accept the olive branch he extended to them after the primaries.
Meanwhile, the pocket of mixed feelings and reactions that initially trailed Mbah’s emergence as the PDP governorship candidate, especially from few overzealous supporters and sympathizers of some of the governorship aspirants is not suprising and unexpected. It is normal in the game of politics, where there are always losers and winners.
The most important thing is that Mbah and PDP members have been magnanimous in victory. They have since started building bridges and mending fences among the aggrieved aspirants and party members in a bid to peacefully and amicably resolve the fallouts of the party’s primaries and move on as one united family.
It is factual that so many things worked in favour of Mbah in the primaries and will definitely work in his favour in the 2023 general elections. It would be recalled that since 1999 till date, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) apart from providing good governance to the people of the state and earned their unflinching supports, has remained the dominant and ruling party in the state.
Several attempts by some displaced and disgruntled members of the PDP in the state, who defected to the oppositions in a bid to displace or defeat PDP in the state had always failed.
Many of them had always found a way or reason to return to the PDP after a futile and momentary voyage to oppositions to express or pursue their personal interests and political ambitions.
With this, one can unequivocally say that PDP is Enugu and Enugu is PDP. The party’s presence and trackrecord in Enugu is not in doubt or questionable. PDP remains the party to beat in the state in every election. It is not by accident, but dint of hard work, unity and performance.
The PDP governorship candidate in the state, Mr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah, on the hand is an asset to the party and humanity. His trackrecord and great exploits in public and private sectors speak volume of his personality and what he stands for. He has a lot to bring on the table if elected Governor.
Not a political neophyte or pushover, having being among the budding and young politicians that were discovered and appointed to serve Enugu State in the early years of the present democracy, Mbah, who served in Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani’s administration as Chief of Staff and Commissioner for Finance, left the political stage at the end of Nnamani’s administration to explore new opportunities in private sector.
This is unlike his colleagues and career politicians, who have continued to bestride or hang-on on the political space and corridors of power at every given time, looking, fighting, searching and lobbying for political appointments and elective positions for personal gains and comfort.
Mbah’s decision to exit the comfort of political space and perks of the political office in Enugu to break new grounds in private sector in Lagos is uncommon, commendable and unprecedented. It is just like leaving certainty to uncertainty. This is one decision that politicians don’t take easily, for fear of unknown and its consequences.
It takes a man of vision, focus and determination like Mbah to leave politics and venture into the private sector and succeed.
That is why Mbah was able to take Pinnacle Oil Company from one studio room as office in Lagos to a sprawling edifice as major player in the downstream oil sector within a short period.
The quick survival and growth of Pinnacle Oil Company under Mbah’s leadership is clear testament of his belief, entrepreneurship, exposure, astuteness, acumen, tenacity and flair for success.
Coming back to politics again, after many years of great exploits and breakthroughs in public office and private sector, placed Mbah ahead of other governorship candidates in the state. Mbah is bringing rare entrepreneurship and political experiences to bear in his quest to govern in Enugu in 2023.
Reading and following Mbah’s speeches, media interviews and interactions since he emerged the PDP governorship candidate, one needs no soothsayer to know that the lawyer turned politician cum successful entrepreneur, Mbah is prepared for the job of Governor. He truly came prepared.
No wonder, Mbah has been confidently and factually reeling out his visions and missions for the state if elected Governor in 2023 without mincing words.
Mbah’s slogan: “Tomorrow Is Here” is also a clear indication that he is ready to take the bull by the horn, hit the ground running and build upon the achievements and successes of his predecessor to keep Enugu, the capital of the Southeast region in the global map.
To ably assist Mbah in the onerous task of leading the state in 2023 is his running mate, Bar. Ifeanyi Ossai, a consummate leader, humble and reticent political strategist of great exploits, immense goodwill, enormous respect and tentacles in the state.
The pairing of the two revered lawyers, politicians and entrepreneurs by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP ) is of greater advantage to the state, and the party in winning the election and providing good governance in the state.

Dr. Ajagu, a university don writes from Emene, Enugu State.

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